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What is RSF?

RSF is tiny framework that controls your sprites images thru unique way.

It is different from "classic" sprites images by its high precision and responsiveness ability.

Its very easy to use - the usage reminds of popular "font-awesome":

<i class="classname-imgname"></i>

To create your sprites click HERE or "Create Now" button in navbar.

Why are RSF images responsive?

Because You can define their css width property.

RSF images behave just like regular <img> elements.

If width is not defined, each image will be displayed in its original size.

If width is defined, it shall be sized as normal <img> would be sized.

<i class="classname-imgname" style="width: 100%"></i>

Or thru css class...

.classname-imgname { width: 150px; /*width: 30%*/ /*width: 3rem;*/ . . . }

The only difference from regular img tag is that RSF image has "inline-block" behaviour.


If you want to avoid "invisible margin" on inline-block elements you can just set parent container to font-size: 0